Research before you Repost!

If someone asks you to like or share something, do a little research first.

I’m sick and tired of people posting product warnings, quotes from famous people, and requests to like and share ‘important information’. Why? Because a great deal of the time, it’s completely false. Some of these hoaxes date back to the earlier days of email and fax machines. I saw one on Facebook recently claiming that there was wax in instant noodles, and the wax would build up in your stomach, causing cancer, among other things. A simple search on let me know that this is a rehash of an old email hoax, and provided information as to why it wasn’t true.

Another post was ‘an actual quote from Bill Nye’, ranting against the Republican party. In truth, the ‘actual quote from Bill Nye’ was a fake quote from a satire site.

Research before you Repost.
Look before you Like.
Be aware what you Share.



If this speaks to you, feel free to share it.
If you want to speak to me, feel free to do that too.

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